Badass Book Tour!

Hear ye hear ye: I’m heading out on tour with my new book, YOU ARE A BADASS AT MAKING MONEY, in April and I want to see your beautiful face! I’ll be traveling all over to meet you and share some mighty money-making tidbits from the book with you personally that will help you master the mindset of wealth.  I want to hear your stories, answer your questions, share with you the skills that transformed my life – and now yours. And of course, to take some selfies together.

Check out the cities I’m going to below, tell all your peeps and please save the date! You can get full details here:

Badass Book Tour

If you can’t meet me on tour (sniff), you can preorder a book, signed by yours truly, from B&N here (or just preorder in general – hardcover, ebook, audiobook – I’m not picky – all deets on my website).

In other news, you may know that I’ve been doing a #badassoftheweek thingy where I repost excellent and creative shots of people showing off their Badass books – helping their Chihuahua read it, reading it on a beautiful beach, reading it in a box with a fox, etc.

I am now officially taking it to all social media platforms (and officially actually, ahem, doing it every week). So….if you’d like to be chosen as #badassoftheweek and have your awesome self-broadcast far and wide over the Badass socialsphere, please post a pic of yourself with the book (extra points for extra creative/hilarious shots), tag me and include the hashtag #badassoftheweek.

If you’re not yet following me on social media and want in, please oh please join my mighty merry band of badasses here on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

CAN’T WAIT to meet you and your peeps on tour IRL, and to see all your #badassoftheweek posts..



1.) I had a blast talking to the smartypantses at Success magazine—Do please check it out!

Success Talks

2.) A bunch of people have mentioned You Are a Badass on their YouTube Videos:
• Recommended by muchelleb in her video, “Minimalism – Books, Podcasts and Blogs ☁ DAY 29 | Simplify your Life Challenge”
• Reviewed in “‘YOU are a Bad ass’ Book Review” by Danielle Moon.
• Recommended by CarolsBrain: “Favorite books i would re-read!”
• Featured in Curly Monroe’s January Book Club: “Join my 2017 Book Club | You Are a Bad Ass x Jen Sincero | Curly Monroe”.
• Recommended by Hannah Claire in her video, “January Favorites 2017 | hann claire”.
• Reviewed by Annalea in her video, “You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero – Book Review & GIVEAWAY”.
• Mentioned by Mel on the Move: “Mel Talks | Pursuing Dreams, Finding Purpose + Passion”.
• Recommended by Rosandis De la Cruz in her video, “January Favorites! | 2017”.
• Reviewed by Lauren likes to read: “You Are a Bad*ss {Book Review}”
• Recommended by Melody Power in her video, “What’s in my bag | Melody Power”.
• Another shout out from Redhead Mare: “Badass Updates! VLOGMARE” Thanks for your support!
• Recommended in “The Golfer’s Guide to Goal Setting and Visualization” by Natalie Bird.
• Recommended by Sadiya Marie. in her video, “January Favorites 2017| Sadiya Marie”.

3.) Podcasts:
• Interviewed by Jason Hartman on the Creating Wealth Show.
• Featured in the Ova Views Podcast with Christy Devlin & Cindy Laughlin.

4.) We’ve gotten a slew of write ups in the following outlets of awesomeness:
• Recommended by Kristin Daniels in “2016 – The Year in (The Agency) Review” at The Agency Review.
• Featured in Dani Kiblin’s “Book Club: You are a Badass -Jen Sincero” at
• Recommended in “Jessica Faust’s Recent Reads” at Bookends Literary Agency.
• Reviewed by Emilie at Lovely Daisy Beauty: “You Are a Badass 📙 | Jen Sincero: My opinion”
• Recommended by Erin Woodward of The Girly Book Club in “The Best New Books To Read In 2017, One For Each Month Of The Year” at
• Quoted by Meredith Trank in her post, “Surrender” at Traveling on Purpose.
• Recommended by Erin at Freelancing Mama: “How to Get Over Self-Limiting Beliefs”
• Included in Kirsten’s “Books A Million Haul” at Atlantan Beauty.
• Recommended by Hadley Mendelsohn in “8 Awesome Books by Female Authors Everyone Should Read NOW” at My Domaine.
• Featured in “The Handpicked Bookshelf: Favorite Titles w/ Lit Agent Jaida Temperly” at New Leaf Literary & Media, Inc.
• Recommended by Brooke at Brooke du Jour: “10 Tips For Working From Home”
• Listed in Sarah’s Favorites at Simply Real Health.
• Featured in Becki Fornwalt’s post, “You Are a Badass,” at Novelarnia.
• Recommended by Coley Lane at Life Goals Mag: “12 Must-Read Books To Help You Become Your Best Self”
• Featured in Olivia’s “My 2016 Books” at Willivia.
• Mentioned in Tonia Steck’s “So You Say You Want to Be a Blogger? FO40- A (half)Year in Review” at FO40.
• Recommended in Melissa L. Fenton’s list, “15 Must-Read Books To Bring Out Your Inner Female Bad*ss” at Scary Mommy.
• Featured in “19 Things To Own If You’re Proud To Be A Woman” by Carlie Dobkin at
• Listed in “10 Top Career Books You Need to Read” at CareerExperts.
• Recommended by Ashley Hernandez at “Life After College: from San Jose State University to a Full-Time Job in Silicon Valley”
• Mentioned by Pippa at Pip in Motion: “Mindfulness: 2017 Word of the Year”

5.) Badass will be featured by the following upcoming book clubs. If you’re in the neighborhood, do please check them out. . .
• Women’s Personal Growth Book Club by Happy Healthy Women, The Falcon and Firkin Pub, 10300 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill, ON, Canada, February 22, 2017: Richmond Hill – February Meeting”
Kick-Ass Book Club: You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero: Madison Public Library – Sequoya Library, 4340 Tokay Boulevard, Madison, WI, February 23, 2017
February Book Club Discussion: You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero: The Sit Down Cafe & Sushi Bar, 1312 E 53rd St, Chicago, IL, Saturday, February 25, 2017
NASTY Women Gatherings, Wisdom Revealed, 15559 Union Ave, Ste 308, San Jose, Oct 27, 2017.

Want Jen to speak at your event?

I speak all over the world inspiring hundreds of thousands of people to live lives of unbridled awesomeness.

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