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Badass Book Tour

Badass Book Tour!

Hear ye hear ye: I’m heading out on tour with my new book, YOU ARE A BADASS AT MAKING MONEY, in April and I want to see your beautiful face! I’ll be traveling all over to meet you and share some mighty money-making tidbits from the book with you personally…
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My One Year Anniversary!

This week I hit a milestone that is so surreal and so exciting and so thanks to you that I had to share it. Every week my publisher sends me the upcoming New York Times Bestseller List and we have ourselves an email woo hoo! over the fact that Badass…
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Be a Badass at Making Money in 2017

Happy New Year, Badass! I had myself a big fat New Year’s Eve party to celebrate all the awesomeness hurtling toward us in 2017, to give some tired old habits and beliefs the heave-ho (wrote them down, tossed them in the fire) and to, drum roll please... guzzle champagne over…
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Badass Booksellers

Holiday gift guide and a new NYE tradition

I'll be spending the holidays resting up because there's gonna be so much big fat news to share with you about my new book I'monna need all my energy to scream and yell about it (wootily woot woot woot!) I'll also be spending the holidays partaking in a new tradition…
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Badass Hit One Million!

I interrupt my irregularly scheduled videos to make an announcement of huge holy crapness and teary gratitude: You Are a Badass just hit the ONE MILLION in print mark!  We've gone Platinum y'all! This means that one million copies of my little yellow soldier of love have been released into the…
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Want Jen to speak at your event?

I speak all over the world inspiring hundreds of thousands of people to live lives of unbridled awesomeness.