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Confessions from The Writing Bunker #7

I'm in the final hours of cramming to get the rough draft of my book finished, my deadline is less than two weeks away eeeeeeeeeeeeee!, and today I share with you a hopefully helpful realization about what we Can and Can't do and how to light a fire under your…
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Confessions from The Writing Bunker #6

Well, I finally hit the wall, y'all. I forgot how birthing a book, or any majorly large creative project, is the same as birthing a majorly large baby. It hurts! It's terrifying! It's totally worth it! In this week's video, I share a tip that helped me whilst journeying through…
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Confessions from The Writing Bunker #5

While plugging away on my new book, You Are a Badass at Making Money, I've been revisiting all the books that helped me figure out how to make some cashola in the first place. And lawd, they is good! It's reminded me of how freaking powerful (and simple, hello?!) it…
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Confessions From The Writing Bunker #4

In this week's video, I share with you how and why a simple shift in your mindset can completely change your entire world. And I mean completely and entire when I say completely and entire, m'kay? This one, mighty tip blew my tiny mind so wide open it changed my…
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Confessions From the Writing Bunker #3 – Special Guest Star!

I had to leave The Bunker last week due to a health scare and an emergency celebration, both discussed in this week's video. Big news around these parts. And because I was gone, I enlisted a very special and hallowed guest star to appear and drop some mad knowledge on…
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