Happy Heave-Ho!

As we sit here, readying ourselves to bid 2015 adieu, I’d like to ask you: What else can you let go of on this high holy day of adios?

The age-old tradition is to set big fat goals for New Years, which is fab, but I’d like to get a new tradition going on around here that has to do with letting go.

Because not only does letting go of tired old crap feeeel so good, but it opens up room for new awesomeness to come in.


Before making your New Years Resolution

hows abouts committing to an Old Years Heave-Ho?

What is the #1 thought, belief, fear or “truth” that is holding you back the most at the moment?

• The belief that you’re broke?

• The “truth” that you’re alone and lonely?

• The thought that perhaps you actually can’t have what you desire (but, you know, other people who are smarter/more deserving/better looking than you, can)?

• The fear of doing something radical to change your life?

Pick your most persistent and limiting sob story (be specific please) and decide, right now, that you are no longer available to partake in the snore fest that it is.

Write it down. Look at it. Stand on a chair with your fist in the air and declare: “I am officially no longer available for this crap!” Rip it up.

THEN go out and celebrate.

We have the ability to choose how we perceive every single solitary moment of our lives, to choose what we believe in, to choose what we focus on, to choose what we talk about, so once you choose to let go of whatever is holding you back and instead focus on the reality that you desire to create, you begin creating it.

It. Is. Honestly. That. Stupid. Simple.

You may not know exactly how the hell you’re going to make the money, find the love of your life, quit your job and start your own business, lose the weight, quit smoking, stop badmouthing your idiot neighbor….but once you agree to no longer participate in your limiting thoughts, beliefs and “truths” you make space for the answers to reveal themselves.

Here’s to tossing out the tired in 2015!

Mokee has been carrying around the face

Speaking of tossing out the tired, how do I explain to Mokee, who ripped the face off his favorite toy last week and now walks around with a pair of eyeballs hanging out of his mouth, that it’s time to let it go?














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