Holiday gift guide and a new NYE tradition

I’ll be spending the holidays resting up because there’s gonna be so much big fat news to share with you about my new book I’monna need all my energy to scream and yell about it (wootily woot woot woot!)

I’ll also be spending the holidays partaking in a new tradition I’m really into that I’d like to share with you. And it is this:

Instead of just celebrating the New Year, making resolutions, blowing horns, twirling around as confetti falls from the sky, sneaking off to bed at 10:00 and missing the ball drop (my fave)…I also love celebrating the end of the old year.

What happened in 2016 that you’re grateful for?

What parts of yourself/your life are you excited to let go of and leave behind?

My new NYE tradition is to write down all my limiting thoughts, bad habits and unhelpful choices on separate pieces of paper, build a fire, burn them one by one as I thank them for the lessons they taught me and say sayonara. I highly recommend it.

I also highly recommend checking out these goodies I found while doing my own shopping. I think they would make great gifts for any badass that you know (including yourself). Take a gander why doncha?!

Knowledge in the Brain Bookends
For the beautiful and brainy people in your life:

Fuckless Home Decor
For those skilled at letting it go:

JBL Flip Bluetooth Speaker
This was one of the most important things in my suitcase when I was nomadding around the world. This thing cranks, is lightweight and sounds great. I have an older version but I’m sure it’s just gotten even better:

The Original My Cinema Lightbox
Help your peeps be more conscious about what they think and say with this cool thing that lights up their words:

Face Shit Make-Up Bag
For the foul-mouthed make-up enthusiast in your life:

SUCK UK Book Rest Lamp
Cute way to remind people to read. It’s a light. It’s a house. It’s a lighthouse!

Fender Amp Large Tin Fun Box
I’m gonna get a job where I have to leave the house everyday just so I can put my lunch in this and carry it around:

Productivity Planner
Help those you love prioritize, quit procrastinating and get er done:

Happy Holidays, Badass, I love you!

Until next year…..



1.) Behold the awesomeness of these Badass booksellers at Tattered Cover Book Store. You all look amazing. Thank you for your badassery!

Badass Booksellers

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3.) Podcasts
• Mentioned in the Pinegate Road Podcast: “Episode 17: How to incorporate personal development into your days to change your life, with Brad Mulvey”

4.) We’ve gotten a slew of write ups in the following outlets of awesomeness:
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• Featured in Erica Suter’s list, “7 Non-Fitness Books Every Fitness Professional Should Read”
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4.) Badass will be featured by the following upcoming book clubs. If you’re in the neighborhood, do please check them out. . .
• Mocha Girls Read – Los Angeles, Inglewood, CA – Saturday, January 7, 2017 Book Club Meeting: You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

Want Jen to speak at your event?

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