My One Year Anniversary!


This week I hit a milestone that is so surreal and so exciting and so thanks to you that I had to share it.

Every week my publisher sends me the upcoming New York Times Bestseller List and we have ourselves an email woo hoo! over the fact that Badass is still holding strong.

This week was especially woo hooey because it marks the 52nd week that You Are a Badass has been on the New York Times Bestseller list. As in we’ve been on the list for one whole year. As in only a few years ago I was living in a converted garage – what?

Aside from smothering you in thanks for all you’ve done to make this happen – read it, spread the word, gifted it to your peeps, seriously, holy crap, a million thank yous! – I want to share something about this experience that is so important for all of us to keep in mind. Because it will not only make our lives so much juicier and meaningful and full of happiness, but it will affect how successful we are.

Never let the extraordinary become ordinary.

I am not proud to admit that there were some weeks, when I was buried beneath working on my new book or having an argument with a friend or trying to get a wine stain out of my carpet, that my publisher’s woo hoo email would come in and I’d have a sort of cool, we’re still on the list, kind of reaction. I’d be happy about it, but I was on it so long I sort of let it seep into the rest of my day like no big deal.

We do it all the time with things equally as miraculous:

When you meet the love of your life and walk around in a daze surrounded by cartoon bluebirds and butterflies until there are disagreements and resentments and dirty socks left on the floor.

When you complain that the water in your tap takes so long to heat up, meanwhile….you have running water.

When you get stressed out by financial worries and overwhelm instead of taking a deep breath and thinking holy crap, I’m experiencing the miracle of life in a human body on a planet flying through space!

Take time out each evening to make a gratitude list (and, you know, remember to be grateful all day long). It shifts your perspective off of stress and negative feelings and gets you back in on the miracle of life.

There is no lack of things to be grateful for,
you just have to remember to look.

Here’s to keeping your eye on the awesome!​​​​​​​​​​


1.) You Are a Badass got a shout-out in Publisher’s Weekly. 2016 was a great year for Adult Nonfiction! See what they had to say about it HERE.

Publishers Weekly

2.) A bunch of people have mentioned You Are a Badass on their YouTube Videos:
• Featured in Redhead Mare’s video, “Books to Take Control of Your Life”
• Mentioned in “52 WEEKS OF HAPPINESS! // BOOK REC!” by Larissa May.
• Recommended by Morgen Lindsay in “December Favorites”
• Badassery discussed in “Choose to Pursue Badass Habits” by Choose To Pursue.
• Featured in FAVORITES OF THE YEAR!!! by Vanity dream by Cristina.
• Recommended by Kia Charlotta in “Best of 2016 | Vegan Beauty, Books, YouTubers | Kia Charlotta”
• Mentioned by Stop Hatin Be Pretty in her video, “Video Diary #3”
• Featured in TheBookArcher’s “2016 Bookish Review!”
• Recommended by Megan Minns in her video, “YEAR IN REVIEW 2016: 7 Life and Business Lessons Learned in 2016”

3.) We’ve gotten a slew of write ups in the following outlets of awesomeness:
• I had a great conversation with Kari Molvar about redefining New Year’s resolutions and coming up with a detailed plan of attack for reaching your goals. Head on over to SELF Magazine to get the skinny.

SELF Magazine

• Featured in the “New USA TODAY books list: The 100 books everyone’s reading”
• Recommended by @domchacha at The Lifestylist: “First Round of TLS Bookclub Is Here!”
• Recommended by Mable the Glommy at Glommable: “Dear Mable: Bookish Advice for Real-Life Problems”
• Reviewed by Christina at Tomes & Tequila: “You are a Badass!”
• Recommended by Leah in “Things I Loved in 2016” at Love Me Feed Me.
• Listed in Stephanie Pellett’s “Best Books of 2016” at Life in Limbo.
• Mentioned by Amy Rosoff Davis in her interview at Charlotte’s Book: “Amy Rosoff Davis: Actress, Celebrity Trainer, Producer + So Much More…”
• Recommended by Dayna Winter at Shopify: “What to Read in 2017: 18 Books for Entrepreneurs, Written by Women”
• You Are a Badass in at #1 in “Canada’s bestselling books of 2016” at
• Recommended by Camilla at No More Hamster Wheel: “Top 20 Books of 2016”
• Featured in Jocelyn’s “January 2017 Vision Month: What I’m Reading” at Grandbaby Cakes.
• Mentioned by Stephanie at Wholesome Paradise: “Currently: January 2017”
• Featured in Jefferson-Madison Regional Library’s blog: “Inspiration for the New Year”
• Listed in “Rating the 45 books I read in 2016” at Anchored to Sunshine.
• Recommended by Katie at Peace, Love & Oats: “Favorite Books From 2016”
• Recommended by Claire Carter at Inspirer: “Feel Good Winter Reading”
• Featured in “These are the 16 books HelloGiggles’ staff got lost in this year” at Hello Giggles.
• You Are a Badass has been selected to kick off Simply Stine’s brand new book club: “The Simply Stine Book Club Is Happening”
• Featured in “The 16 Books That Grew Me Up In 2016.” at Hip Sobriety.
• Mentioned in “2017 Goals” at
• Recommended by Myndee at New Orleans Moms Blog: “You Can Make 2017 YOUR Year”
• Mentioned in “Quit Asking For Permission To Be You” at Second Life Coaching.
• Featured in “My TOP 5 Reads of 2016” at
• Recommended by Emily at Vita Brillanti: “Read This Book”
• Listed in “These are a few of my favorite things!” at Grit + Glitter co.
• Mentioned by Kim at Sublime Reflection: “I’ve picked my word of the year, now what?”

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    • Jil
    • January 20, 2017

    Jen, your book was a gift to me during a period of time when the Universe was sending me an old friend from high school with a message, random messages from everyday people, and just awesome stuff that has changed my life. I thank you for being a part of my journey. You are amazing.

    • Bina
    • January 19, 2017

    Congrats JEN! Your book was “all that” and I’m excited for future works! What a wonderful gift you’ve been blessed with!
    Stay FABULOUS and thank you!

  1. Reply

    You are so awesome and inspire me every day! I have three mantras I say daily bc of you! And I am working on a project that I know can be something really special , and any time any doubts come in, I think of your book, your story, and I immediately know that it isn’t impossible! It is all doable and within my reach if I believe it to be so (and put the hard work in, which I am!) Thank you so much! Can’t wait for all of your books! Avid follower/fan for life!

    • Heather Garcia
    • January 19, 2017

    Hell yeah, Jen!

    Changed my life… I’ve sent the book to others. Can’t wait for Money Badass.

    Love you!

    • Gary
    • January 19, 2017

    Where may I find one of those yellow BadAss t-shirts?

  2. Reply

    What makes it all so personal and real for me is the fact that you screwed up so crazymuch in so many outrageously human ways, that’s what makes your success so meaningful. Who wants to hear about some perfecty-perfect person who sanrkily brags about it. I can’t/don’t want to know her. My north-star is our girl Jen.

  3. Reply

    Your book changed my life. I’ve since gifted it to no less than 10 of my friends who come back to me saying it’s changed theirs. 3 months ago I finished you book while at a failing company and a job I was half assing. Next week I’m being interviewed for a tv news spot to talk about a new company I started.

    You deserve all the success and more. I will be forever grateful for you. <3

  4. Reply

    Jen –

    First I want to thank you for the mention in your post. Your book was a life changer for me. It is witty, smart, reflective, and all around awesome.

    I’m so looking forward to your Badass with Money book coming out later this year… I know I’ll be first in line to own it!

    Congratulations on your 1 year on the NYT list… you are a true inspiration.

    ~ Christian @ SecondLife Coaching

  5. Reply

    So that’s 458,000 thousand people who now know how to kick arse!! Thanks Jen…you’re my daily go to punk rock superstar friend day I hope to meet you…keep on being a badass….

    • Jozzy
    • January 19, 2017

    You’re amazing Jen and you deserve it – your messages are genuine and true as is your personality. A big fat thank you from me – I’m still reading your book (I’m neck-deep in Grad school books too) but I keep up on your YouTube videos of badassery and watch them several times to drill them into the depths of my skull holes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul!

  6. Congrats on your 1 year anniversary Jen! You certainly deserve it. Thank you for all that you have done for me and my family. We have read you book multiple times to stay motivated.

    • Diana
    • January 19, 2017

    But girl, you totally rock, and people love seeing you rock since you’re so incredibly generous in making everyone feel like your rocking rubs off on them. You deserve all the fun and happiness in the world, and your story is beyond inspiring. I love going for a jog in the evenings with your voice in the earbuds even though I know many parts of the book by heart now. I feel like I know you a bit, and am richer for that. Love you!


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