Badass Hit One Million!

I interrupt my irregularly scheduled videos to make an announcement of huge holy crapness and teary gratitude:

    You Are a Badass just hit the ONE MILLION in print mark!


We’ve gone Platinum y’all!


This means that one million copies of my little yellow soldier of love have been released into the world (and that’s just counting those in the dear ole USA actually, the number is even higher internationally).

Why? Because of YOU, oh hallowed buyer and reader of the Badassery! You went out and invested your time, money and belief in your own greatness.

You understand that there is something inside of you that is so totally magnificent and worthy of nurturing and sharing with your fellow creatures on Planet Earth. And for this I am clinging to your ankles in endless thanks.

IMPORTANT NOTE AND FURTHER PROOF OF YOUR AWESOMENESS: We got to the one million mark by word of mouth. One million books because of your big beautiful mouth, because of your desire to help not only yourself, but to help the people in your life be all the Badass they can be.

Hello! In the world of authorly dreams come true, this is as large as it gets, Marge.

So as we hurtle towards Thanksgiving, I am thanking you, oh great one, for all you’ve done. The fact that we hit this milestone right before the release of Badass book #2: You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth (coming in April from Viking), has inspired me to conjure up as much writing mightiness as I can to make that book worthy of the likes of you.

Here’s to seeing all the big-hearted, conscious, compassionate people of the world shining like the big ass balls of fire they were meant to be! And to seeing all your dreams come true, too.

One million thanks to you!!!


1.) You Are a Badass is featured in SELF Magazine’s expletive-filled holiday gift guide:


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    Congrats Jen!! What a great milestone and certainly deserving. My I get your opinion on a book, however? What are your thoughts on “The subtle art of not giving a …” He goes at great depths saying we need to embrace negativity not ignore it. Do you agree at all? How does this fit into your framework?


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